Saturday, April 27, 2013

Duminda Silva's Miracle with Hiru News

Hiru News and Duminda Silva's Miracle

Duminda Silva's brain whom the lawyers publicised in courts day-before-yesterday as forty percent cured, the Hiru media which belongs to Duminda's brother has informed by an SMS alert that his condition had been cured through a miracle.
Its Singlish version appears as follows:
'Haaskamakin Suwaya Lebu Parlimenthu Manthri R.Duminda Silva heta Perawaru 11.15ta Nawaloka Rohalen Pitawa Yai'. 
(R.Duminda Silva, m.p. who was miraculously cured will be leaving Nawaloka Hospital tomorrow at 11.15 in the morning).  
This afternoon Duminda Silva has signed the papers which he received in respect of bail and though his lawyers had come to the room where he was and later come out, the
media has had no possibility of reporting anything. It is assumed that Duminda Silva who has had a miraculous cure according to the above-mentioned SMS message would be leaving the hospital tomorrow and that he would appear before the media tomorrow morning as he has had a sudden cure.
Though the lawyers mentioned day-before-yesterday that the request for bail was made on the grounds that a rehabilitation process was necessary for his incapacitated brain, the point that he had recovered within the space of a few hours is truly a miracle.